Friday Fabulous



Remember me?

I’m still the girl who starts blogs and never updates them. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about trying not to be something that I’m not and just accept myself for what I am. Which means that yes I can adore the cheerfulness and brightness of a Scandinavian interior:

Courtesy: Alvhem Maklari & Interior

And I can jazz it up with one of these:

Courtesy: The Art of Alex CF

This gorgeous little guy is part of the 19th century anatomical study cabinet No.1 from the incredible Alex CF. He does the most amazing work that is both fantastical, horrifying, and breathtakingly gorgeous at the same time. I wish I could afford to buy some of his stuff, it’s definitely on the “to purchase” list for when I have the funds and a house worthy of Alex’s talents.

2nd post, oops I forgot

Well I started this blog, then forgot I started it, then I remembered the blog but hadn’t bookmarked it and forgot which blogging site I was using. Pitiful!!

Anyhow, I was browsing The Brick House and found this drool-worthy bit of loveliness:

There is absolutely nothing in this that I do not like and/or love. Although I wouldn’t personally own an egg chair due to my fear of crashing whilst sitting in it, but I still like the looks of them.  Sigh…

Here We Go Again!

Well here it is, blog #5. I don’t even stay up-to-date with the other four, why one more? Oh well. So this one will be all about houses. How I want mine to look, what kind I’d like to dream about buying. I’m never going to have the home of my dreams but at least I’ll have a blog where I can dream about homes.



rhody eats house

This is my house, it’s being swallowed by a giant rhody that is also swallowing the telephone wires. I sometimes like my house. The location is perfect, I like the neighborhood and it’s 20 minutes from work (45 by bus). That big window there is the living room, it faces full west. There are two north facing windows in the room and when the sun is out, it’s a great room to be in, sunny and views of trees from all the windows. Two bedrooms, one bath which is all two people really need. A nice 5000k+ sized lot gives us a yard which is pretty large by our city’s standards. A detached garage with extra storage space. I like the rhody, the holly tree, and the pine tree bush thing whose name I am blanking on. We have birds, squirrels, neighbor cats, and raccoons visit us.

So what don’t I like? Um where to start, let’s see. First it is small. Now I believe that two people don’t need much space but we only have 670 sq feet, my last apartment was bigger! Half of the windows are original to the house, some don’t open and have aluminum storm windows attached. What this means is drafts and unwashed windows because we can’t get the storm windows off. There is no insulation that I am aware of, so our heat bills suck. The closets, only three, are roughly three feet wide by two feet deep. The hot water heater is in the hallway, not tucked away somewhere.  There is no dining room and no eating space in the kitchen. Shingles are coming off the roof. And the laundry room is in the garage which means slogging through the wet yard in the rain every time I do laundry because the garage is at the far end of the backyard.

Why do we stay? The rent is cheap for a house in the city. The garage has been converted to a music studio, and moving is a pain. So here I am on my new blog getting ready to share lots of pics of things I like housewise as a panacea for not having the real thing. I have a bunch of images saved and no idea where I found them so if perchance you happen on my blog and see a pic belonging to your site, please let me know so I can credit you accordingly.